Frequently Asked Question

How is Zipinmail different from Email?

  1. Email:
    1. An email is created by an individual for an individual. An individual may have multiple email addresses and can add, change or delete an email address at any time for any reason. Email address is one line:
    2. Email address does not give any demographic information about an individual such as their real name, address, age, gender, income, education, property info, buying habits, attributes etc., so businesses cannot reach their audience based on email address.
  2. Zipinmail:
    1. Only one mailbox is created in the cloud by Zipinmail for each mailing address and it is permanent.
    2. Just like a physical mailbox, people living or working at a mailing address can claim and access their Zipinmail in the cloud, but cannot add, change or delete the mailbox in the cloud.
    3. Zipinmail address is the same as your physical mailing address: first/last name, street #, street name, apt/unit/ste, city, state, zip code.
    4. Just like writing the physical mailing address in an envelope, you just type the physical mailing address of the recipient from the outgoing Zipinmail section and your Zipinmail is sent to the recipients’ mailbox in the cloud.
    5. No email address or sharing of links in the Zipinmail platform.
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