Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of Zipinmail compared to Paper Mail?

  • Paper mail is cumbersome and time consuming. You have to be at home or office to pick up mail, open mail and decide what to keep and trash. Paper mail creates clutter and is difficult to find bills, statements & coupons when you need them. Paper mail takes way too much time to organize and you get hit with penalties & late fees if you misplaced a CC bill and didn’t pay it on time.
  • You can access your Zipinmail for all your mailboxes (home, office & PO Box) in one account from anywhere on any device. Zipinmail keeps all your bills, statements, letters & coupons organized. Tremendous convenience & time savings.
  • Trees give us food, shelter & oxygen. We cut down millions of trees every year for paper mail and almost all of it is thrown in trash. Zipinmail is all digital, no paper, no waste and helps us to save the trees and preserve our nature for future generations.
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