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What are the benefits of Zipinmail for a business?

  • Paper Mail: Businesses spend billions of dollars every year for direct mail such as bills, statements, marketing and other paper mail. Cost of paper mail, including paper, design, ink, printing, postage, shipping, handling & labor ranges from a low estimate of 25 cents per piece to many dollars per piece depending on what is mailed (such as a catalog or magazine). Businesses don’t know how many people actually opened, read or took action based on their paper mail, and can not measure ROI. Paper mail takes way too much time for printing, assembly, handling & mailing. Businesses have no control over delivery timeline.
  • Zipinmail offers the impact of direct mail for the cost of email with superior tracking & ROI. Zipinmail can save over 90% compared to paper mail. Businesses will know exactly how many people opened, when they clicked and visited their website from Zipinmail. Businesses can create a Zipinmail within minutes using our custom templates and it is delivered in real time to their audience. Businesses can specify the exact date and time of delivery.
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